Live forever, never say never
Saturday @ 4/02/2011

Mind over matter, that's what she says

Oh God, I'm tired. And there's nothing to be tired of. I mean, all I did was eat. And use the computer. I mean, my sister's laptop. Which means I'm in a comfortable position the whole day. Op, I think I know what to blame; fucking menstruation. Meh.

Summer's really boring. And I'm broke! Hello, how lame is that? This awesome people I follow on Tumblr are selling ballers. One, even, is selling My Chemical Romance ballers. And I just don't have enough funds to buy all of 'em. Eek. I wish my parents still give me money even during summer. But that's impossible. Damn.

Good Charlotte's having concert here soon. I think it's sponsored my Ayala Malls. But I don't listen to them, lol. I just wanted to put it here. Op, and Bruno Mars too! And The Script! But it'll be held Araneta. And Araneta is so faaaaar from here. And the tickets! I think TS tickets are around a thousand or something. I don't know.

I think the only way for me to earn money is by attending SciMathEla. Which I don't find interesting. It may help me attain good grades for my Junior year, though. But, no. I just don't do those kind of stuff. I don't know. I'm still thinking about it. Hmn. Money or Death? Asdfklsdkjad

My abdomen really hurts. I think I should get some rest. Lol, bye for now.

// I've got the same old he♥rt, with a new beat.

If you ever loved somebody, put your hands up!
Sunday @ 12/26/2010

We love like vampires

I MISS BLOGGING. It's the 26th day of December, *U* And well. The usual, I'm bored. So I'm just gonna sit my ass here and do this thing. So what now, huh. (Oh why do I always ran out of words to say. /kidney) Funny how I promised to keep this blog updated, and yet I always can't find time to blog. Oh, you can blame Tumblr! Haha. Kidding.

 Let's start with my Christmas. Well, mine is pretty much boring. I feel envious, because I know you guise enjoyed yours. And it's only yesterday that I've realized our Christmases aren't traditional. I kind of wish we have this "rules" to follow. Like, going on a trip every year. Or exchange gifts. Yes, we don't have exchange gifts. Maybe because it's unfair on Yasmin's part. (She still doesn't know who Santa is! So.. Ssh!) Oh, I don't know.

 As for the gifts.. Well, I didn't receive any gifts from my family. Oh. Actually, I did. But  they weren't wrapped! And most of 'em are cash. So, pathetic me is pathetic. This year's Christmas is, really really different for me.

 Oh. My cousins are here too. Well, at first it was a bit awkward because the last time we saw each other was I think.. 6 years ago? I don't know, I lost track. They're from my Mother's side so.. We get along pretty well. Ha.

 Okay, having them here for Christmas is, I wouldn't deny,  fun. But.. Part of me says that maybe without them here would be a lot better. I mean, you know. Less pressure. Less worries. Oh. Am I being selfish here? Forget it. Lol. I like them, really. No sarcasm included. But see, spending your Christmas with your family. Just your family is much.. Better. 

 Enough with this Christmas talk. 

 Heh. Went to MOA earlier to tour my cousins. It was fine. Though the weather wasn't really cooperating, because the sky looks sad. Aw. Lolwhut. Bought myself a watch which is cheap. Well, for a watch, yes it's cheap. But it's cute so, disregard the cheap part. 

 Idk what to say anymore. Uh, oh! Yes. I submitted a text post to Dear Mr. Potter 2 weeks ago. Guess what. Yesterday, I saw it on my dashboard. Hoehoe. The best gift ever. Lolkidding. 

Oh, I'm sleepy.

// I've got the same old he♥rt, with a new beat.

You treat me just like another stranger
Monday @ 9/20/2010

Ignorance is my new bestfriend

September 20th; It isn't really a good day for me. Well I guess September 20 isn't really a good day for all of us? See, someone died from our school. She's a teacher named Terrie or was it Terri? Idk. But yeah. It kind of scares the shit out of me. I mean, the fact that someone can be dead in a matter of seconds. Or you can be dead anytime, anywhere. 

I failed Math. (What's new, I always fail at Math. I don't even know why~) Fuck Math. Loljk. But it really makes my brain bleed. Hey, it's not exaggerated. 

Um.. Guess what? I made a refrigerated cake last Sunday. I feel proud. Cause it actually taste good. (You might probably be thinking, how could someone be proud of making something like a refrigerated cake. Lawl. So what~) It's an Oreo flavored Refrigerated Cake topped with Chocolate Syrup. Mehehe. It was kind of messy to do, though. Considering the fact that we still don't has a water supply here in our village. Sucks, I know.

Dairyman; which is available in our school is hella freaking good. Dairyman is a brand of an Ice cream, just so you know. I ate the Oreo flavored one this morning. Lawl, yum :3

Aasdkhaskjda; I'm such a stupid girl. I really thought Drei's birthday is on 28th. Lawlz~ It was all over facebook. His page was even full of greetings. Yet I was like, "What a sick joke. Heck yeah, your birthday is not until on 28th" Rude me is rude. *facepalm*

Last night, daddy called. I guess I wasn't in the mood to talk to him or something. I don't know. I asked my sister, Yasmin to tell him I'm already asleep. Lawl~ It was only 9 in the evening. But.. Idk. Everytime he calls, it's the same old story..
    Dad: How're you?
    Me: Fine. You?
    D: Good. Your sister?
    Me: Which one? 
    D: Orange?
    Me: Oh, she's good.
    D: And Yasmin?
    Me: Fine.
    D: And, Paul?
    Me: Oh, he's doing good. 
    D: Oh.
    Me: Yeah.
    D: Give the phone to your Mom, I need to blah blah blah blah. I love you (lawl) and take care.
    Me: Yeah. Same with you.

Okay. Just so people know, this is our official script. Funny, huh. *insert serious face here* Laek shit? Maybe I was just tired. Idek, I just find it awkward talking to him and for some reasons.. We're not just that close.

Hey. It's already past nine. I need to get some sleep. :)

// I've got the same old he♥rt, with a new beat.

I'll be your teenage dream tonight :3
Saturday @ 7/24/2010

I'll pop a glock in your mouth and make a brain slushie.

Idk why~ But Tumblr's bitching me, so.. I'll just share my day with you. Okay? Okay. And, I'll try my best to update this, atleast once a week? Not sure. :3

So we went to my Ninang's place. She had one of her breasts removed because of Cancer. It's been forever since I last saw her. Not much has changed. She even look healthier than before? I don't know. But.. Yeah. She told us stories about her operation last month. This may sound gross, but she showed us her breasts. Okay. That was kind of awkard. But the stitches are still visible. *u* She even mentioned that around 15 lymph nodes were removed on her underarm? I guess? That's what she said.

Anyway, my other ninang whose name is Merly was a survivor. She was there, too. She gave her advices and stuffs. I was amazed.. I mean hello? It takes alot of courage to surive such thing. She was 28 when her breasts was removed. Wow.. Just, wow.

It was already around 9. So we decided to eat dinner at MOA. Baked Ziti, you're incredibly awesome. *u* Since the Taxi line was sooooooo long. We rode green cab instead. I know, it sux. Anyway, there was a cute guy. Whose face is familiar. I know I've seen him before. I just don't know where when and why. Hee~ But he's cute, really. ~*KiLiGz*~

Bitch, we'll fucking miss you. Send us chocolates, okay? Okay. Thanks in advance. Lol~

My left foot freaking hurts. Moa, you are the one to blame. Why are you so big, ok. ;___; I lake you that way, though. Haha.

Uh, ok? hasgdajkshdaklsdjal;shfdakljsdhalkshdkajsdhalkhdkjsayhalksjda;sldk
a;lsdhaskldhakjsgdjksadghsakjdhkjhskjhskjhdjkashdjksahdjskhdg ahdkljshakjdh. K thanks. Bye.

]// I've got the same old he♥rt, with a new beat.

Half of my heart's got a right mind
Wednesday @ 7/21/2010

..To tell you, that I can't keep loving you. 

Yo, blog~ missed me? It's been awhile. Well.. It's been months. I'm sorry, okay? I was just so busy with school and stuffs. I'm just bored right nao, That I've decided updating you won't kill. So.. What now?

This day has been good. Went smooth. And blah blah blah. I was just annoyed with this kasgdaksd girl. I mean, hell-o? Don't you have your own brain? Can't you feel that I'm pissed? Omg. You kept on copying my work, which is no good (by the way). You were so.. asdfkhadk I can't find the right words. Annoying little brat. *roll eyes*

You were also being "superior" or whatever you call it on your HO partner. I've heard ALL of the things you said to her. Yes all of them. And then, you approached me and told the opposite things. Why, girl, why. You're impossible. 

You asked her to listen and study. But did you? I'm trying my best to be generous, though. I tried to understand her place. Maybe she's just blah blah blah. Oh, I just think it's too much? I'm trying my best to fight my sleepiness and listen to our discussion. But did she even tried to do those, too? She would always ask questions. Which are self explanatory. Ugghhh~

Or.. Maybe I'm too selfish? Am I? I don't know~ Oh lawd.

Anyway, I learned how to Fishtail Braid my hair a few days ago. Awesome. Go, try it too. But it takes time. And alot of practice. And.. Patience. Youtube is really really helpful with things like this. *u*

Friday. Friday. I need you nao. Please? All of us needs sleep. I don't know why, But I'm tired. Lol. Tired of being tired..

I just bought Rick Riordan's The Lightning Thief last Saturday. Percy Jackson and The Olympians series is.. Just so sdlkahdajs. For me. Okay. This may sound weird but I started reading its third book, then the second. The fourth, fifth and the first. The movie is so different from the book. Like, different. In the book it was Ares who tricked or betrayed Percy. But in the movie it was Luke. Hee~

I freaking don't know why, but I hate Stats. I'd rather solve Math's problems. Loljk. I hate it both. But.. Atleast solving is much easier than to. You know. Ha. *evil laugh*

I just saw a belly on my dash. And, it reminded me that I really really need to go on a diet righ nao. This time, I'm serious. But I just can't, you know. Everybody knows it's hard. Especially when you're this young. BWAHAHAHA~ Kidding. But I need to. I'll really.. try my best. Wish me luck. Thanks. 

I still need to do my Math homework. So I'm leaving you with this: 

// I've got the same old he♥rt, with a new beat.

The Church of Hot Addiction
@ 5/26/2010

Karma's only a bitch, if you are :)

Hi blog. School is coming. :< And I don't like it. I already have the stuffs needed for school, tho. But still. God, I'm not yet ready! Not yet ready. Not yet ready. Pleease. 

Blah blah blah. Anyway, watched Kick Ass earlier. Chloe Moretz did a great job as Hit girl. :bd

Monday/May 24th; Out all day with buddies. Ah, it's been a month or two since I last saw them. Feels great. ♥ ajdawkldjoeaslkdlasda. Bakit wala na akong masabi. Hahaha! Shet.  Went to ATC then SBCA. There was this girl who really looks good. :bd

Wait, my mother doesn't know that I went to SBCA with friends, okay? So. Please, just don't tell her. Thanks. 8-|

Speaking of Mom. She bought this thing, which she calls "Ab trainer". Yes, sounds weird. I know. I think it's for your tummy and blah. I don't know really. But I'm planning to try it, tho. I'd love to get rid of my fucking bilbil. K. Hahaha.

School. School. School. I miss my friends, yes. And the ALLOWANCE, of course. But, ugh. The pressures and the crammings, the sleepless nights and the projects? No. Not really. Going to school everyday means; No more Tumblr All day. & Waking up early? Shizz.

And, hey. WHY DO I SUCK IN COOKING PANCAKES? Fml. I feel.. Stupid. So I was like bragging the other day, that my mom should by me a box of Pancake flour because I know how to cook it. I ended up having it toasted. And I mean it like, burned. K. /eye

I feel hot. Literally. I'd be melted in a minute, care to.. Put me in a fridge? What did I just say?! It's getting hot in here.. So take of all your clothes.

OH SHIT. Ask me why. Quick! Quick! (WHY) I just feel like saying so. So, yeah. Lulz. OH SHIT. I think I should end this. This fuckery. FUCKERY! KTHXBAI. :-h

If you love someone to pieces..
Is that why you BREAK UP?

/ I've got the same old he♥rt, with a new beat.

Thinking maybe you'd come back..
Saturday @ 5/08/2010

When you blush, the lining of your stomach also turns red.

Hi, blog. It's already 1:25am on my desktop clock. I am bored you know. And I couldn't think of anything else better to do  than this. Lol, yeah. Will try to keep this long. Will TRY, okay? 

Mom woke me up around 9. Yes, 9am. Too early, you know? Especially for a kid like me who used to sleep late. Late like 3 am in the morning. :| So her reason was we're going to buy groceries. I told her, okay and asked her what time should I ready myself. And guess what, her answer was "3pm". Why in the world did she wake me up so early. -_- I could've slept longer. Shizz.

Anyway, I was like "mom, could you buy me this, and that?" all throughout the day. Well, not really the whole day. But I hope you do get what I mean. Sht, I'm being nonsense here. Lol. So there, she bought me two boxes of Pocky, Strawberry and Chocolate.. And. *drumroll* A pack of OREO MINT! Yayy! \:D/

So, yeah. That pretty much made my day. 

I don't really get AnonTexters. I mean, duh. Why would they even bother to guess numbers and cheberloo. Oh, I can't find the right words. Lol. I have this one AnonTexter, he texted me last Friday. I didn't want him to know my real identity. And so, I told him I was KIM and I study at HHIS. That was the last text I sent him, though. But he still keeps on sending me messages. Fuck. ~ Oh well, I think I know him na. Hihi. 8-|

WHY IS BLAKE LIVELY so PRETTY? *sigh* I don't know why I like her. I just find her utterly beautiful. And Emma Watson! Shizz. She's the girl. FTW. Lol.

My formspring is so quiet. My friendster is lame. My Facebook gets boring. Computers make my eyes hurt. Books makes me think I am in some kind of world. Love makes my heart shatter (WTF?). Music helps me escape reality. And, what am I saying here? -___-

Okay. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO YOUR MOM! Oh well. Any plans for tomorrow? ~ As far as I know, we will attend a mass. Which is kind of disturbing to me. Not really disturbing. Hmm. But I haven't been inside a Church for.. Ages. :\ Ohwell. Then we will go straight to my Bro's workplace and blah blah blah

Fried noodles are the best! Seriously. Ahh. ~ I'm officially inlove with Bret and James right now. Bret's and indie singer. FTW! Ohmy. ~ And, I'm starting to feel dizzy. Which means I have to get some rest and.. Dream. Bwahaha. K, then. :-h

And when a heart breaks..
No it don't break even

// I've got the same old he♥rt, with a new beat.